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© MTC Services  All Rights Reserved
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Management & Leadership Development Services

The life of a manager is all about “reflective glory” - they’re only classified as being successful when their team attain targets or hit their KPI’s and this only happens when the individuals within it perform well. In essence Managers are no longer directly responsible for their own success – they’re responsible for the company’s success and need the skills to be a nanny, a counsellor, a motivator, a manager and a leader - to name just a few of the hats that need to be adorned. At MTC we understand this and help today’s managers become leaders by focussing on the Psychological as well as the Procedural and Practical side of managing. Our initial “Fact Find Meeting” is FREE of CHARGE.

Management Processes

for Leaders

If you’re team is not achieving the desired results, the “fault” could lie with your management processes and methodologies. Are they sufficient for your requirements?  Do you have a plan and working environment that’s compatible with your organisation’s vision? Areas where MTC can help your organisation develop Management Processes include (but not limited to): Identifying and Designing workflow processes Sourcing Management information Systems to suit your requirements Development of  Administration Policies and Procedures Encouragement of a LEAN Strategy to help the company become more efficient and profitable. Staff Recruitment On your behalf or together with your management team we identify process and procedures and work to implement improvement across areas that need to be bolstered in order to be as competitive in your marketplace as you can be.

Training for

Management Staff

In the 21st Century you’re not just a manager. Managers administer - and yes that’s part of what you do but the single most important role of the Department, Branch, Section Manager or Director is to LEAD - and being a leader means having the ability to inspire your troops, not govern them from HQ by ICT systems and reports. When you do Management and Leadership training with MTC, you will have on tap skills and ideas that will challenge, motivate and develop your team way beyond your - and their - current level of beliefs and thinking. Topics we cover as part of our Management and Leadership training solutions include: Persuasion and Influencing skills Communication Excellence Leadership Skills The Psychology of Management & Team Motivation Conflict Resolution Successful Change Management Successful Project Management Risk Management & Making Effective Decisions Full course outlines can be sent to you upon request.

Consultancy for


Whether it’s a fresh pair of eyes or advice and solutions to a problem that you seek, MTC can help. Our core strengths lie in understanding processes and methodologies especially in the following areas: Project Management Conflict Resolution Competition Analysis Policy and Procedural Documentation Marketing Strategy Website Creation & Design Recruitment of staff Implementing successful Change New Business Development Together with your management team we draw up a plan of attack to implement improvement across areas that are need to be bolstered in order to achieve your desired outcomes.
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