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© MTC Services  All Rights Reserved
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It is understandable to think there is no more a competitive domain than the sports arena - but you would be wrong! In business there is no prize for coming second-no silver or bronze medal! You simply win the business or you don’t – so every action you take in sales, moves you towards or away from your goal. Our initial “Fact Find Meeting” is FREE of CHARGE.

Management Processes

for Sales Environments

If you’re not achieving your desired results, the “fault” could lie with your organisation’s sales practices. Are they sufficient for your requirements?  Do you have a plan and vision that’s compatible with your marketplace? Areas where MTC can help your organisation include (but not limited to): Identifying and Defining the Sales process Sourcing Management information Systems to suit your requirements Sales Administration Policies and Procedures Creation of a Channel Strategy Staff Recruitment On your behalf or together with your management team we identify process and procedures and work to implement improvement across areas that need to be bolstered in order to be as competitive in the marketplace as you can be.

Training for Sales Staff

For decades the Sports Industry has spent millions on analysing and understanding what makes the difference between WINNERS and also rans; they have uncovered the deep routed wiring that makes winners achieve when seemingly similar athletes - skill wise - don’t cut it. In a selling context; why do intelligent, well educated, capable people so often fall short of their potential? CV’s and experience look promising - yet the end results often fall short of expectations. At MTC, this is what we focus on when delivering Sales Training and Development solutions for your company. Success is not always about the Mechanics of a job – especially in sales. In this role, success is often all in the mind. Topics we cover as part of our sales training solutions include: Basic & Advanced Selling skills Persuasion and Influencing skills Communication Excellence Successful Negotiating Inspiring Customer Service New Business Development Sales Management & Team Motivation Mental Game Strategies for Sales Full course outlines can be sent to you upon request.

Consultancy for Sales


Whether it’s a fresh pair of eyes or advice and solutions to a problem that you seek, MTC can help. Our core strengths lie in understanding processes and methodologies especially in the following areas: Product Positioning Pricing Strategies Marketing Strategies Competition Analysis Defining Product Features & Benefits Website Creation & Design Developing Selling propositions Benchmarking Brochure and Marketing materials Recruitment of staff Together with your management team we draw up a plan of attack to implement improvement across areas that are need to be bolstered in order to achieve your desired outcomes.
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