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© MTC Services  All Rights Reserved
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MTC are all about professionalism, courtesy and a desire to help you achieve results. Getting to know you, your company and your team is an essential first step to ensuring success. There are no “pre-packaged” solutions with us. Take a “Long Jumper” as an example . . . The Olympic qualification distance is 8.20m before he can be considered for the squad . . . If our athlete was stuck at say, 7.95m, you would expect a coach to analyse what’s happening right now before preparing any “solution” to generate improvement. •Is it their technique that’s letting them down? •Their run up and take off - Power? (Gym work) •Belief? (Mental ability) •Weight or stamina (Nutrition) Having looked at the situation - then and only then - would you expect a professional coach to create and implement a “solution” for improvement. Why would dealing with your business be any different? Give us a call and we’ll happily come along and discuss your situation and look at ways we can help you get the results you desire. We don’t charge a fee for initial fact finds. Our services are normally delivered around the following areas:

Management Processes

If you’re not achieving your desired results, the “fault” could lie with your organisation’s working practices. Are they sufficient for your requirements? Do they meet Regulatory Standards (if applicable)? Are they missing in mission critical areas of your business? Areas we look into (but not exclusively) are: - Operational policies and procedures - Documentation and administration - Performance measurement and improvement - Sales and Marketing Together with your management team we draw up a plan of attack to implement improvement across areas that are weak and need to be bolstered in order to achieve your desired outcomes.


Sometimes business goals and objectives are missed because staff need help in developing areas of learning and understanding and the classic method for imparting new knowledge is by training. Since inception MTC have provided training solutions across a variety of topics and subjects - from Leadership, Management and Supervisory skills through to Individual Personal Development and ICT Training. Topics include but are not limited to: Management & Leadership The Psychology of Team Motivation Team Management & Motivational Leadership Stress Management for managers Risk Management & Making Effective Decisions Project Management Sales Persuasion, Influence & Selling Successful Negotiating Inspiring Customer Service New Business Development Communication Communication Excellence Essential Conversation Skills Performance Improvement Personal Stress Management Time Management Skills Problem Solving & Creative Thinking Coping with Change Being all you can be Conflict Handling Angry & Aggressive Customers Understanding Conflict ICT Bespoke in-company systems MS Office Suite of Software Lotus Notes E-Learning MTC also design, create and deliver on-line intranet based training solutions that staff can access daily for regular continual professional development. MTC also offer 1 to 1 Coaching and Mentoring  assistance to staff across any of the areas outlined above.


Whether it’s a fresh pair of eyes or advice and solutions to a problem that you seek, MTC can help. Our core strengths lie in understanding processes and methodologies especially in the following areas: Sales and Marketing From creating a marketing plan, through website design to implementation of a sales strategy to suit your organisation, we have consultants with over 30 years + of sales and marketing experience at the ready to help you achieve your business goals. Many companies provide a wonderful service or have wonderful products that will make a difference to someone’s life but if they don’t market and sell themselves well – no one buys – yet many organisations lack in this essential skill set. Don’t let lack of sales or under-utilisation of facilities or resources hold you back; let us help you get a plan in place to bring you the success you desire. Operational Whether its business expansion (or contraction) or a need to secure funding by providing clearly structured business and operational guidelines, MTC can help you in the following areas: • Identifying and directing strategic business development activities • Cultivating ties with Boards, Customers, Regulators, Employees and Community. • Establishing company culture, values and vision • Developing Risk Management Plans • Change Management • Leadership Development and Regulatory Compliance General MTC also offer consultancy services in the following areas: Strategic Planning Commercial Operations Business Development Feasibility Studies Project Management Operational Management Performance Management Training Mentoring and Coaching Junior to Executive level.
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